Daring Leader Conversations is a Meetup for rising and current leaders looking to build their skillsets, integrate transformation, and become a stronger leader in life and at work. 

Join the group and keep an eye out for monthly workshops, events, and learning opportunities.

Would you like support designing a special or recurring meeting? Or would you like to figure our a delegation plan as you level up and hand off work? 
A one-on-one strategy session will help you make progress on a specific problem, build a specific skill, or make a plan to work through your specific challenges. 

Options include: meeting support, delegation planning, facilitation skills, visual thinking, human-centered design, trust building, listening, brainstorming, time management, feedback, etc. 

Daring Leader Conversations

Intensive Strategy Sessions


Strategic and Visual Facilitation

Do you have a specific problem that comes up time and time again in your business? Workshops are a way to infuse new skills into your work place. Support the development of rising and current leaders to cultivate a cohesive and collaborative culture.

Are you looking to introduce Design Thinking to your team and kickstart innovation? Or want an introduction to visual thinking to improve communication? Maybe you would like to practice active listening or feedback skills within your leadership team?

Learn how an interactive, activity-based workshop could be just the thing to support growth in a bite-sized, manageable (and implementable) package.

Are you gathering your team to have a strategic conversation about your business? Do you need help organizing your thoughts, facilitating the conversation, and making sure your goals connect to actions and outcomes?

By adding strategic and visual facilitation support to your meeting or event you will add structure, smooth the process, and ensure progress.



Every time I work with Rachel, I'm so impressed by -- and grateful for! -- her ability to quickly identify what issues need to be addressed, and the strategy and tactics to get us there. Her level of organization is second-to-none, but more than that, she possesses a highly creative mind -- a rare mix of left and right brain thinking that is a perfect fit for tackling any kind of complex challenge. She's a joy to work with!

Lisa Mendelow, Service Design DC

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Leading Hard Conversations

We have conversations all the time. Most of the time they are easy. Sometimes, we need to have more structured or vulnerable conversations as leaders. In those times, a guide is helpful. 

Download the free guide to learn how you can navigate those more charges conversations so you can efficiently run your business.

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